First Blog Post, Very First Blog Post (Blog Post!)

First Blog Post, Very First Blog Post (Blog Post!)!

March 14, 2021: 6:20 p.m.

Howdy doody motherfuckers! Welcome to the first production blog post for finandandy games. I’ll be your host, dev√łn.

It’s been a whole lot of fun setting up shop and figuring out some kind of drunken proverbial bar napkin business model. I’ve set up a task system, invited a bunch of my friends to collaborate, and I’ve actually started designing my first game idea. I’m hoping to have a game conceptually designed in six months, and built into a playable demo within a year.

This incarnation of our website will probably be short lived, but these posts will be ported along as a static living production diary.

I’m excited to get back to writing up one of our first game candidates. More updates coming soon.


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