It all began as a drunk outline scribbled on a napkin in a hazy dim-lit crowded Buffalo bar in 1994. The Bills had just lost the Super Bowl and I saw my step-father shed a single tear (the first and only time this has every occured). I was two years old, and he started going on about some Vince Lombardi shit about how winners only win and losers only lose or something like that. Right then and there, I zoned out and started thinking about elves or some shit. Those were some cool elves. From that day on I knew that I had been placed on this earth for one reason alone. From that point on I dedicated my life to studying two things; the blade, and game design.

Actually, none of that is true at all. I really became obsessed with game design in the winter of 2021. I talked so much about my game ideas that I eventually had to just start writing everything down because my family and friends were sick of hearing about them.

All jokes aside, my friends and family are massively supportive, and I probably wouldn’t have mustered the courage to start chasing this dream by myself. Thanks for always being there for me and for embarking on this crazy expedition with me.

I’ll probably update this page before we actually tell anyone about our site, but maybe I’ll leave it up as a laugh.

– finandandy